Q: インスタグラムのアカウントが凍結される場合はありますか?

A: インスタグラムの利用規約により、アカウントを凍結される可能性があります。利用規約違反については、インスタグラムの利用規約を確認してください。



Q: サービスを一時停止することはできますか?

A: サービスを一時停止するには、各自動設定を、オフにします。


Q:  #FindLikesは安全ですか?

A:  #FindLikesのサービスは、セキュリティ対応をしており安全です。




Q:  キャンセルや払い戻しは可能ですか?

A:  申し訳ございませんが、購入された有料プランの払い戻しは対応をしておりません。




Q:  #FindLikesにて、インスタグラムのアカウントにアクセスができなくなりました。

A:  #FindLikesから、インスタグラムの接続が切れた場合などに発生します。










Q:  二段階認証の設定オフについて

A: インスタグラムの機能として、ログインをする際に、本人確認のため、パスワードとは別に、SMS、もしくは、メールに送られてくる認証コードを入力してログインする機能です。



Q:  自動いいねの設定方法

A:  自動いいねをしたいハッシュタグを入力して、候補から、ハッシュタグを登録します。20個程度を上限に設定がおすすめです。





Q: フォロー中のユーザーに自動いいねをする機能は何ですか?

A:  すでにフォローしているユーザーに新規投稿があった場合に、自動にいいねをします。



Q: Is there an occasion when my Instagram account is stop service?

A: There is a possibility that the account will be frozen depending on the usage terms of Instagram. For violation of the Terms of Service, please check the Instructions Terms of Service.

FindLikes is not a spam act because the bot processes automatic actions, but it may be blocked if you do excessive actions.


Q: Can I pause the service?

A: To pause the service, turn off to automation setting.

Q: Is FinalLikes safe?

A: Account information of the Instagram set by the user is necessary for using it with the bot.
For that reason,
In #FindLikes, in order to process by bot on behalf of the user, we perform authentication processing on the Instagram once and manage it by session connection.
Instance passwords are not included in session contents.
Instagram password is not saved at # FindLikes at all, so whenever the Instagram connection is lost,
Please re-enter the password of the Instagram under Account setting of My page → Instagram account.
After inputting, re-authentication process to the Instagram, re-session again.

Q: Is it possible to cancel or refund?

A: We are not available, but we do not support refunds for purchased paid plans.

About cancellation of automatic update The next automatic update can be canceled.

Usage plan> Automatic update button> Please turn automation off.

Q: At FindLikes, I can no longer access the account of the Instagram.

A: This happens, for example, when the Instagram disconnects from FindLikes.

The reason why the connection is lost to others is as follows.

· I changed the password of the Instagram

· Instagram, trouble with our server

· I exceeded the limit of usage limit of Instagram

· Instagram login authentication method changed

· I turned on Instagram 2-step authentication setting

* If you use FindLikes, you need to turn off the two-step setting.

When you change the password of the Instagram, you need to reset the password of the Instagram of FindLikes side.

Q: About two-step authentication setting off

A: As a function of the instagram, when logging in, to login, you can enter SMS or an authentication code sent separately from the password, and log in, in addition to the password.

If 2-step authentication is on, FindLikes can not access with bots, so please turn off 2-step authentication before using it.

Q: How to set automaiton LIKES

A: Enter the hashtag you want automatic LIKES, and register the hash tag from the candidate. It is recommended to set about 20 tags as the upper limit.

After registering newly, Bot will process once per hour.

The registration setting of a good day per day is set with a bar.

To delete a registered hashtag, click the x button of the corresponding hashtag to delete it.

Q: What is the function to make automaiton follow-up to followers?

A: We will do a job automatically if there is a new post by the user who has already followed.

Let’s set the number we can follow. Maximum number of followers per instagram is about 1,000 per day.
If you click on the goods above the Terms of Service, you will receive usage restrictions from the Instagram.
If you get restrictions on use, you will not be able to take actions such as good for over 24 hours.
If you want FindLikes to automatically perform actions such as naughty, you need to be careful that manual actions do not exceed the upper limit.